The Founders


Jean J. Evrard - 1950 - Lion in the Western horoscope, Tiger in the Chinese horoscope, and Brigitte Evrard - 1951 - Capricorn in the Western horoscope, Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope.

Partners in life and in business for more than 35 years; designers, they founded their packaging design agency in 1976. Their agency carried the name Carré Noir from 1994 to 1998.

They then joined the international group Desgrippes Gobé. Enthusiasts about supermarkets the world over, about packaging and convenience goods, they have the credit of having organised wonderful FMCG exhibitions: Shopping in Tokyo (1995 - 2003 - 2006), Shopping in Cartoon (1996), Shopping in China (2000), Shopping in Europe (2006), which attracted thousands of visitors. Together, they have won more than 50 awards. 

Since 2007 they have concentrated on promoting a medium they love:  packaging. 

The creation of Pentawards, the worldwide competition of packaging design, shows that they consider packaging as the prime medium and intend to let the profession and the press know it.