The Awards



They are intended for the winners of the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Pentawards.
They are metal discs, 16.5 cm in diameter, for the Gold, Platinum and Diamond awards.

The Silver and Bronze version is 12 cm in diameter.

They are the work of the American artist Christian Heckscher

Pentawards winners who ARE present for the ceremony will receive their award at that time. Pentawards winners that are NOT present will have the possibility to buy their trophy.




Each winner will receive a certificate in Din A4 format.
Printed on vellum paper, with the Pentawards logo hot-stamped in bronze, silver, gold, platinum or as a holographic image according to the type of award.
The certificates will give the name of the winner together with the category and brand-name of the award-winning packaging.

All the certificates will be mailed free of charge one month after the Pentawards Ceremony.

Every winning packaging will be presented on this site with a link to the site of the winners next to their creation.

The Ceremonies

SHANGHAI 23rd September 2016 - Hyatt on the Bund

Watch the movie of the last ceremony. London - 26 September 2015 - RIBA

Watch the movie of the ceremony. Tokyo - 9 October 2014